sábado, 31 de mayo de 2008

the last song...

Dear Mel... wife, sister, brother?, labmate, travel- partner, beer- mate, and a thousand more adjectives. Sharing the path of life during seven months, and not some of the easy-ones, have been a fantastic experience. Especially for understanding someone in a different language of the native one (for both). The topic prays how difficult is to understand different genre persons even with the same idiom, so thanks (god? Ha! Evolution) that we managed.

Honey. Shushi. "Yigamaister". Titus. Bob Marley's friend. GJLA GJLA GJLA GJLA GJJJLA Ward, is enough. KHS through the window. Right foot boot. Massena Airport. Futurama. Hartford access road. Suitcases. Ginger-Ale (with no ice). Beer (with no foam). Queen. Bang! Invite me a drink! I was a pilot... my little one. Rock-band. Shaize. Firemen-Firefighter. No more american beer. Ford. "Mr Question" said... The Bucket's list. Sarah Marshall's pre-movie questions. Torrijas. Beer-pong. Salsa & Bachata & Merengue. More NBA??? This weekend to Watertown. Massena S-Mall. Austria is the best. Ice-Skate. And more, more, more...

For all these (and more more more) I wish you the best, everyday of your life, from now on. To remember, just play the last song that sounded in the lab while you were here (the original one, the version you showed is too much). To the future, one that sounded many days before that one, for you:

Ich vermisse dich

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